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October 27th, 2016 by J

Sexy busty Salma Hayek knows just about the perfect release when she gets all stressed from work. She’d film herself in the nude while playing with her nice wet pussy. This always relaxes her especially after finger-banging her hole rough and cumming hard on the sheets.

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June 13th, 2016 by J

Salma Hayek blowing on hard dick

If you have to think of one versatile artist of all-time, Salma Hayek is no doubt one of the names that would pop up in the actresses category. She’s done countless different roles on film, which almost always showed all her strength as an actor but this doesn’t mean that she already knows it all and doesn’t need any guidance with whatever. Though successful with her career even in her 20’s, when she had a lead role on some TV series, she still has some things that needed coaching, in a way, or a tutorial of a sort even. I’m not talking about her career in this aspect though, but one of the secrets to her successful love life, which led to a satisfying marriage for over five years now. You see, Hayek has the face to go with that voluptuous body. She’s not just known as the feisty Latina chick, rather, the feisty Latina fuckable doll with delicious juicy tits. She ain’t like the rest of the busty babes out there who seem to have lost their brains between those cleavage because Hayek is one of those who fall under the ‘brains and beauty’ list of dreamy boys jacking off to her on screen.

But, like I keep saying, Salma did have a bit of ‘help’ when it comes to perfecting one skill that she considers to be one of her skills, and this is on how to properly please a man while giving head. She was younger when she came to find this hardcore adult chick who taught her the ropes to a successful blowjob career. Hayek admits that while some women are not into sucking cocks, she absolutely enjoys giving BJs. Watching this leaked clip of hers from years ago, she was all eyes and ears, and tongue and mouth, while performing a sloppy blowjob on some lucky jock. She follows orders pretty good and it’s the reason why apart from all her talents and skills, she’s also a pro with licking and sucking dicks. See for yourself in this hot video. Hayek takes that thick stiff cock inside her filthy mouth like a massive sausage on stick, eating it whole while giving utmost pleasure on cam. You can see her dedication with that throbbing thing and she does it effortlessly. No wonder her man never seen any reason to look for pleasure elsewhere.

Salma’s Breasts Are Bigger Than Ever

June 23rd, 2010 by salma

salma hayek breasts

Salma Hayek has discovered one of the true joys of motherhood- bigger boobs! Since the hot new MILF give birth to her daughter, her hooters are bigger than ever. And Hayek has worked to help other mothers in developing nations worldwide, teaming up with Pampers and UNICEF to help stop the spread of life-threatening maternal and neonatal tetanus. She and her big knockers are the global spokesperson for this Pampers/UNICEF partnership.

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Hayek also advocates breastfeeding, because of its benefits like building stronger infant immune systems. It was during a UNICEF fact-finding trip to Sierra Leone in Africa that she fed a hungry week-old baby whose mother could not produce milk, with milk right from her own gazongas. Breast milk are best for babies… and boyfriends!

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Pictures of Salma Hayek’s big tits

June 23rd, 2009 by salma

Salma Hayek may be one of the most successful Latina female celebrities ever to break into the Hollywood scene and not only is she one talented actress, she is also known for her exemplary beauty and, of course, who wouldn’t notice her nice big pair of tits and that deep cleavage whenever she walks down the red carpet wearing those flashy and sexy signature dresses that revealed her prized puppies. So if you’re looking for those hot and steamy titty pictures of Salma, then you’re just in luck to see all of ’em new stuff that we have in store for all of you!

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Various pictures of Salma Hayek and her fantastic bosom

October 20th, 2008 by salma

We’ve been talking about Salma Hayek and her fantastic tits for a while now and I want to share a tidbit about her.  You probably know this already but for those who don’t, I tell you that her name is so apt that it seems like her parents were able to foresee the woman that their daughter will grow up to look like.  Salma is an Arabic name that means “peace” or “calm”.  Whenever I look at her image I feel calm and at peace.  However corny that may sound, that’s what really happens.  I guess I enter into a trance induced by the sight of her impressive twin melons right in front of my eyes.  Try to gaze long enough at the various images below and see if the pictures give you a relaxing and pleasant feeling – especially below the belt.

Are you at peace now?  I’m sure parts of you are calm but I’m also sure that there’s one vital part that is erect and standing at attention after looking through the small gallery above.  This Latina scorcher has that effect on men all over the world.  Just look at her voluptuous body long enough for your blood to get hot and your dick to stand at attention.  Look at the pictures that show Salma dressed in a very revealing black gown that almost shows her tits in full view.  Then again, she has such a large bosom that they spill out from her gown.  The flimsy cloth barely hides her jugs.  I wish I was there to see them bouncing, unfettered by a bra, as she walks around.  Too bad no nipple slip happened during that public appearance.

Anyway, if you want to see her globes in full naked glory, just visit Salma Hayek Breasts and you’ll get your fill of her naked images and videos.  When it comes to choosing her movie roles, nudity is not an issue for this sultry señorita.  Even though she’s in her late thirties, she still possesses the body that made her a household name in Hollywood and she’s not shy to flaunt what she’s got – which is just the way we all want it to be.

Salma Hayek looks really hot and delicious in form-fitting dresses

October 20th, 2008 by salma

Boasting of a voluptuous body that’s curvy and fleshy in all the right places, Salma Hayek has the right to wear the kind of dress that is shown in the pictures below.  These form-fitting outfits accentuate her delicious curves and hide everything yet nothing at the same time.  She just walks around completely unabashed at these red carpet events wearing the hottest dress and making every man weak with desire.  She’s completely aware of her effect on men and she continues to tease us with outfits like these.  Check out the thumbs below and let yourself be drawn to her sexuality.

Salma’s definitely a hot mama and a MILF that all lusty males fantasize and dream about.  With curves like that, she commands the attention of everyone she passes, what with her dress clinging like a second skin to her body.  I can just imagine her tits and ass jiggling deliciously as she walks seductively in a dress like that.  Just thinking about that is enough to give me a hard-on.  Are you getting turned on too?  What more if you could see her fully nude and displaying everything that she’s blessed with?  That would be great, right?  With that said, let me invite you to Salma Hayek Breasts.  This is the number one resource on everything seductive and sexy that Salma Hayek has ever done.  Hundreds of top-quality photos and high-res videos are available for your downloading and viewing pleasure.  So if you want to see them all, you’ve got to click the link provided right now so you won’t waste your time!  Believe me, a simple mouse click will be very satisfying for you.

A day with Salma Hayek and her impressive cleavage

October 20th, 2008 by salma

Chosen by People magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World in 1996, Salma Hayek has a beauty that radiates out to everybody around her.  She has that kind of impact in a roomful of people.  Hell, even her pictures and movies have that effect to anyone who sees her.  Just check out this small gallery of Salma Hayek images that show her beautiful smile and impressive cleavage at the same time!  Not bad, eh?

Salma has all the right in the world to dress up in an outfit like the one in the pictures.  With her breasts, she can wear the most revealing clothes and even people with a conservative nature won’t complain.  At first look, you’ll be captivated by her soulful eyes.  And as with every hot-blooded male in the planet, your eyes will gradually wander over to her perfect twin globes.  In fact, I guess they could be the first thing you look at.  With almost nothing left to the imagination, her breasts almost pop out of her dress in the pictures above and you’re just sucked in like some hypnotized dude, staring with an open mouth and thanking the powers that be for a sight as heavenly as the one you’re looking at.  That is the power of Salma’s fantastic tits.  And if you’re not convinced, I dare you to check out this site – Salma Hayek Breasts – and see if you don’t get overwhelmed by the pure visual bliss that her beautiful jugs offer you.  Just click the link and drown in her deep cleavage for all the time that you want!

Some steamy movie scenes featuring the busty Salma Hayek

October 20th, 2008 by salma

Salma Hayek admits that she was a naïve Mexican girl with high hopes for a movie career when she first got to Los Angeles.  She got extremely disappointed when she learned that there were just no roles available for women of Latina heritage with an accent other than maid or sexy mistress parts.  For that matter, most of the roles offered to her were a bit raunchy and the rich Mexican girl’s dreams were almost shattered right then and there.  She left a lucrative acting career in Mexico and a rich family to end up working really hard just to keep her shabby apartment.  But she refused to go back home, seeing that as a sign of failure.  So she doggedly worked her way up the acting ladder until she got where she is now, an A-list actress capable of demanding million-dollar paychecks.

Well, it wasn’t an easy path to success for Salma.  She really had to do something to get everyone’s attention.  And these movie clips certainly did just that.  Check out how Salma etched herself in everybody’s memory with these steamy clips from movies that she’s done over the years.  Most of these are blockbuster movies.  With a body like hers fully naked projected on the big screen, nobody would be surprised to learn that her movies are hugely successful.  Add to that her capabilities and skill as a versatile actress and you’ve got a winner.

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Salma almost pops out of her costume in these pictures

October 20th, 2008 by salma

Having 36C breasts could be a liability for any woman as seen in these steamy photos of Salma Hayek almost popping out of her dress.  Damn, those melons are huge!  But as seen in Salma’s case, her breasts are definitely an asset and not a liability of any kind.  Women would kill for jugs that size.  Take a break from reading this post and enjoy Salma’s heavenly globes for a moment.  Click on the thumbs below to get high-res pictures of one of the most impressive celebrity tits in Hollywood right now.

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At Salma Hayek Breasts, you’ll be treated with high-quality images of her boobs in easily downloadable files.  What’s more, the site also offers videos of your favorite Latina celebrity!  We all know that Salma just loves to flaunt her jugs at every opportunity and the site takes advantage of every moment she does it!  So check out the site now and get all the pictures and videos that you could ever want of this hot Latina señorita!